Deep Nordic strategic bet on Indian Wearable Market

The beginning of 2022 was also the beginning of a Danish-Indian collaboration in the wearables market. On the 8th of March 2022, Ambassador Freddy Svane of the Danish Embassy in India shared the announcement of Deep Nordic and AQFiT collaboration through a short video.

By investing in AQFIT, Deep Nordic brings Danish technology and skills to India. AQFiT is an Indian technology start-up that focuses on wearables and audio products. Founded in 2018, the team has managed to build a strong and beloved brand in India, as well as neighboring markets.

As part of its business philosophy, AQFIT promotes a healthier lifestyle worldwide. Through the infusion of Deep Nordic wearable technology capabilities to the AQFiT product line, AQFiT acquired impressive competitive advantages in delivering value by providing quality health products that are affordable.

In developing markets, where many people may not be able to afford to measure their health vitals, this is extremely important. Besides the function of giving you the option of receiving and reading notifications directly from your wrist, it also measures your health characteristics. From the number of steps taken per day, to heart rate, and calories burned, the smartwatch can track it all.

Those health-related features give the user various benefits. As an example of the benefits the health-related features will bring, heart rate measurements will be able to indicate certain types of abnormal heart rhythms accurately. In addition, the same feature allows you to monitor your heart rate throughout exercise, allowing you to maintain a level of fitness that increases with each session.

Another benefit brought by the smartwatches is that they also track the sleep stages, and can provide the user with both the big picture regarding the sleep quality and personalized tips on how to improve sleep.

The list of health-related benefits that the use of a smartwatch can bring to its user does not end here, some studies indicated that smartwatches may be able to detect small illnesses. Research reveals that heart rate and skin temperature often increase when individuals fall ill and smartwatches constantly track these vitals.

Considering the health benefits that a smartwatch can bring, the collaboration between Deep Nordic and AQFiT brings great value to individuals from India and may represent an affordable and accessible option for them to check and improve their lifestyle and health.

The collaboration is in line and fits with Freddy Svane and India's effort to make the country more eco-friendly while strengthening Danish-Indian relations.


Deep Nordic showcasing innovation at Mobile World Congress 2022

Along with our core responsibilities of designing, developing, and providing wearable electronics, Deep Nordic has introduced new lines of brands. At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, in 2022, Deep Nordic presented and showcased its three brands, namely Deeprio, Deepblu, and AQFiT. Deep Nordic's participation at the event provided the company with valuable exposure and demonstrated the team's commitment and efforts.

The GSMA's annual Mobile World Congress Barcelona is one of the world's largest annual trade shows. It is an event featuring the latest innovations and technologies from the communication field and is attended by the most prestigious brands worldwide.

Deep Nordic's achievements at MWC Barcelona also incorporate AQFiT's success. AQFiT is an Indian technology company under the Deep Nordic umbrella. With exponential growth in the smart wearable segment, the company has become the first Indian smart wearable brand to be featured at the MWC Barcelona 2022.

Deep Nordic goal is to introduce Nordic consumer electronics to the global audience, and we highlighted ourselves as much as possible during the event, this being a tremendous opportunity. Therefore, Deep Nordic showcased all of its latest lineup of smart wearables to participants from all over the globe.

The congress allowed us to interact and establish relationships with some of the most reputable and knowledgeable industry experts, companies with great experience in the field. Additionally, it was a valuable chance for the team to learn more about the latest technology and future plans for the smart electronics and connectivity industries.

Participation at the congress is an outstanding achievement for Deep Nordic, especially considering that the brand only entered the market last year, in 2021. Even so, as a result of the team's vast experience and knowledge, the opportunity to represent Denmark at one of the greatest annual trade shows in the world appeared, and that was a great win for us.

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