At Deep Nordic we can offer you an all-in-one solution from designing your hardware and developing your software, to manufacturing your products. We bring your vision to life and find the shortest route to get your product ideas to market with quality at the forefront of our minds.

In-depth market research and meticulous product customization

Throughout several years, Deep Nordic has gained a wealth of experince in developing and manufacturing smart hardware. We have the utmost ability to analyse markets and take an idea through a thorough research process. This way we can offer our customers out-of-the-box product customization that is forward-thinking and can keep up with the everchanging needs of the future consumer.

Quality-first-attitude through uncompromising assessment

Deep Nordic praises on its' comprehensive systems when it comes to evalution and quality control. We are particularly proud of our industry-leading quality standards. Furthermore, Deep Nordic has also passed the on-site certification audits of many reputable manufacturers, launching numerous successful products for several top brand customers.

Skillful Research & Design

Advanced technology research and development has been at the core of Deep Nordic from the very beginning. We have high focus on extensive research and succesful acquisitions in our R&D centers in both Shanghai and Shenzhen. From our centers, we operate within numerous fields such as low power consumption, operations, graphics and images, algorithms, MCUs, cloud services, smart phone apps, SaaS and PaaS. Deep Nordic owns multiple associated intellectual property rights.

Uniform NPI management and manufacturing process

Our NPI team consist of highly skilled professionals whom all have a compelling background from acclaimed manufacturers. Our production lines are completely automated and superior in the industry. Furthermore, it rigorously apply the ISO9001 quality management system. Our efficient deliver capability has attained KK level according to the standardized supply chain control system.

End-to-end project lifecycle

At Deep Nordic, we can help you with the end-to-end project life cycle from signing agreements, project DFS risk assessment, technical support prior to sales, delivery of spare parts post sales, monitoring data, technical training, EWP failure machine analysis, management of comstumer complaints, repairs, etc.

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