Let us help you bring your vision to life

Smart Wearables

Design and development of clever software and hardware solutions for smart wearables connected to your phone. Elegant and light product design that is simple and easy to use with high performance and attention to detail.

Smart Home

Deep Nordic can support your vision of creating a smarter everyday life at home. Whether your idea is to enable people at home to fold up their blinds or switch off the lightning with a single push of a button, Deep Nordic can bring the technology to life. 

Health Care

With the assistance of a range of advanced IT solutions such as exceptional sensers and algorithms, Deep Nordic can provide the technology to bring an increased health awareness into  the everyday lives of consumers through your products.  

Smart Buildings

Through cloud platform and IoT technology, Deep Nordic's forward-thinking solutions enhances the experience of modern office environments and creates a smooth start to the day for everyone at work. 



Based on IoT, big data, PaaS cloud platform, and rich software/hardware ecology, the smart industrial solution collects and analyzes data and visualizes processing to help realize the intelligent management and O&M of the manufacturing industry.


Relying on the development and management of the powerful cloud platform of Deep Nordic IoT devices, the Deep Nordic outdoor travel solution provides a series of technology and service solutions such as equipment modules, cloud development, and back-end management to quickly achieve travel intelligence and visualization.