High Quality Manufacturing

At Deep Nordic, we are proud of our strong coorporations with the utmost professional manufacturers. Each one is devoted to creating top brands and has a wide experience producing different types of technology products including smart wearables, POS machines, cleaning robots, balance bikes and much more. 

Rigorous Quality Standards

All our manufacturing partners have acquired an impressive list of quality control system certificates such as ISO 9002/9001 ,13485, 14001, 16949, IEC, UL, FCC, CE, EICC, OHSAS18000. Furthermore they also hold a national certification laboratory (CNAS).

Outstanding ability to deliver

Our manufacturing capabilities consist of 100s of world class SMT production lines which can manage processes such as 01005 and POP, with an annual output of 350 million pieces. Utilising high quality equipment from industry-leading manufacturers such as Fuji, Panasonic, YAMAHA, PEMTRON and more.

Our manufacturers have over 200,000 m2 of production workshops and can generate over 80 production line bodies, shipping as much as 130 million units per year.